Live to Travel, not Travel to Live.

Roam free with zero commitments. Long term, slow, non-stop, nomadic travelling.

Be grateful, respectful, humble & honest. Be open but not invasive. Be creative but not aggressive.

You don’t need money, you need time. You can create or generate income but not time. If you want to work on something, work this function; forget your social media accounts & online presence. Share your time but recycle your money; best exchange ever!

Travelling is not a business, so you do not need to market yourself & sell your trip.

Travelling is not a competition, so you do not need to be the first or the best.

If you want to share your trip, always add some value. Contribute with useful knowledge and experience to the travellers communities, share your skills and provide local communities with some kind of support. Better an honest taker than a pompous giver.

Keep your mouth shut but your ears & eyes open. Enjoy the freedom & be silent. Stop criticizing, grumbling, bitching & moaning. Be strict with yourself, not with the others. Appreciate the difference & watch the reflections of your actions & your decisions.

Followers & subscribers are back home in their comfort zone checking your adventure. By giving you likes & shares, they do not make your trip better. At the end of the day, they make you a lazy traveller who chases WiFi and tries to feed them with new content. This ephemeral mindset enhances your social profile but not your travels.

Local people, a bit of luck and your eagerness to learn new things, explore the surroundings and do things for the first time, will drive you to a whole new experience, they will change your life, they will transform you forever.

Live to Travel, not Travel to Live.


Danny Amos · March 13, 2024 at 16:33

Traveling within a budget?

The Pin Project · March 13, 2024 at 20:31

Yep! Very limited budget.

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