Traveliving around the world presupposes a vehicle where you can sleep, you can cook and you can carry all your belongings. There are no limitations or restrictions but endless imagination about the final result. People use tandems, buggies, 9-12 tones trucks and self-made camper vans to explore the world. As long as you can align your available budget and other resources with your personal safety and comfort standards, then you can make your choice and start exploring the globe.

At the beginning (October 2011), we decided to go for Zikos, a Suzuki Grand Vitara (diesel) and travel around Africa in a more adventurous way on an off-road capable vehicle but soon we came to realize that doing serious off-road in a foreign country is totally different than off-roading for a weekend in the backcountry, a couple of hundreds kilometer away from home. The Suzuki gave us lots of troubles and  we had several break downs in two years (2012-2014) BUT each time it was a great way to meet local people and receive an amazing mix of help, kindness and hospitality. No complaints! The little Suzuki -for African & American standards- made it back home and we are so glad that Zikos was part of our journey.

On our way back to Greimg_7045ece in 2014, we decided to radically change the way we travel and opted for Xara, a Toyota HiAce (diesel) cargo van that we converted to camper van in order to accommodate our daily needs on the road as well as help us save some cash in the long run. Up until now, we are more than happy for this change in terms of comfort and safety plus vehicle reliability and low maintenance costs and we have lots of reasons to convince anybody that he has a similar dilemma (4×4 along with a roof top tent or 3 tones camper van).

Please check the photo albums from our preparations and feel free to send us your comments or any questions you may have regarding your vehicle set up, preparations or trip planning.

Set up & modifications on a Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.0 TD 2003 photo album

Set up & camper van conversion of a Toyota HiAce 2.5 D4D 2009 photo album


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