Over the time, we came up with several ideas in order to be creative as well as leave something behind after such a long trip. Finally, we didn’t innovate but produced travel publications as the majority of travellers do after their trip. However, our innovation is that we are creating & producing on the go!

TRAVELIVING Overland Guide was written in México, edited in Nicaragua & eventually published in Colombia (the eBook) & Greece (the hardcopy).

TRAVELEATING Cookbook started in Perú and since then we publish as much as possible recipes & dishes for the camping along with local recipes we try at the countries we visit (first gathering everything in our website & eventually at the cookbook which will be printed soon).

Finally, 69 FAQ Before Going Overland has been completed & published in Argentina.

Most importantly, our overland publications have been reviewed & edited by other travellers who are currently on the road or travel magazines who specialize in overlanding.

Finally, all these projects keep us alive more mentally & emotionally than financially since we get the feeling of providing the travellers community with something valuable. Adding value is our primary goal & there is no compromise on this. Sales can wait 😉

Have a look & grab your copy today!


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