TRAVELIVING is a book that comes after travelling non-stop for 6 years, 110.000+ kms and 45+ countries in Europe, Africa & the Americas. And we are still on track, somewhere in South America!

The Book consists of 320 pages, lots of photos & stories from our travels and tons of practical information about vehicle selection & setup, trip paperwork, transportation, budget planning, money saving and making ideas, packing lists, route planning, etc. All make up a great reading that we hope will motivate people to start getting prepared for their own epic adventure, will add some value, and will provide with some food for thought.

TRAVELIVING summarizes all the aspects of how to shape your dream of travelling around the world, find the courage to quit everything, get meticulously prepared for such an adventure as well as survive on the road emotionally & financially.

Additionally, our only objective in writing this book is to make our small but valuable contribution to the long-standing travellers’ community. We want to guide as many people as are interested to think out of the box, to do romantic and memorable things, to realize that their dream of travelling around the world can come true and finally to assist by sharing our knowledge.

Someone could say that it is another travel book from another ambitious traveller who is not even close to be a writer. It is true! However, what makes our book exceptional is the fact that it has been created while traveliving (we finished writing in México & published the electronic version in Colombia and the paperback in Perú). We did not wait to retire from our long journey, return back to our comfort zone and write it. Plus, it has been edited and reviewed by long time travellers who utilize different means of transportation.

TRAVELIVING is available as a hardcopy & as an eBook (for those who have no space in their cars, motorbikes or bicycles but still want to read something).

The normal price for the paperback is 21 EUR (plus 9 EUR for shipping to EU or 12 EUR for shipping outside of EU which is calculated automatically) & 9 EUR for the eBook only.

For every paperback purchase, you get FOR FREE the electronic version. (The only difference between the two, is that eBook contains 80% travel photos more.) eBook is available as an EPUB & PDF. It is a printable file, suitable for PC, Mac, tablets, smartphones & Kindle.

The easiest & simplest way to order TRAVELIVING is to hit the Paypal icon below and make your payment. For discounted purchases, please use your coupon (members of VITARACLUB.GR & MOTO.GR are eligible for a 15% discount or 18 EUR with free shipping).


Otherwise, you can visit our Book Shop (up right), make your order and pay using your Paypal balance or just using directly your Debit/Credit Card. It is easy, fast and secure.

As soon as we get it, we will post the paperback with registered mail and/ or send you an email with the link of the eBook.

Please allow us 2-3 days to reply as we have sporadic access to the internet. For any further questions, please drop us an email at: or use the contact form and we promise to reply the soonest possible.

After reading, please feel free to send us your comments. THANK YOU!

18 thoughts on “TRAVELIVING

  1. Just dowloaded now on Kindle, looking forward to reading your book

  2. Thanks a lot Shane. We are looking forward to your insight, comments & review 😉

  3. Another useful review found in one of the biggest Aventure Riding Forums:

    “About your book here are some thoughts:

    Finally a book title about traveliving that is not misleading at all… Just your personal path, to find the way out, to make the big step and just traveliving. I honestly enjoyed every single page of this book and for several reasons.

    The simplicity of your personal point of view, about all hesitations, before leave off the grid
    The how this decision has evolved through the big journey
    The practical information about potential costs, the methodology of preparation and of course the beautiful photos
    The feeling of freedom to just living for traveling

    Keep traveliving Nikos



  4. Dejan from Belgrade sent us an email with his comments:

    EBook is good material lots of photos and it is easy to follow your passion and desire to enjoy life every day of it1

    Looking forward to next chapter (traveling with babies)!!!

    Hugs from Belgrade 37C


  5. A traveller just sent us his review about our book:

    “Just finished reading your book. I really enjoyed reading, I only wished I had read it before we departed on our little adventure! I appreciate the hard work you put in, so thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences with everyone.

    Thanks for giving us a copy of your excellent book. We wish you all the best in publishing it. ”

    Kelvin from England (

  6. Great web site. Plenty of useful information here. I’m sending it to several friends ans also sharing in delicious. And certainly, thanks for your sweat!

  7. Λιμνη Πλαστηρα, ξυπνημα στις 5 το πρωι, τζακι,καφες και σε λιγοτερο απο βδομαδα το “καταπια” !!!.. φοβερος οδηγος αλλα πανω απ’ολα ενα βιβλιο-εμπνευση για οσους ονειρευονται να δουν τον πλανητη και να ζησουν για λιγο χωρις “πρεπει” ..
    Ευχαριστω πολυ Νικο και Γεωργια για το “wake up call”
    *επισης φοβερο-ψαγμενο δωρο για φιλους!

    Orge Kalodimas // Sake Tattoo Crew

  8. Just received an email from a friend-TRAVELIVING reader-daydreamer! Thanks a lot for your feedback Eva.

    Dear Georgia & Nikos,
    This book got on my “Top 5 Books you need to read people before you die” list. It is realistic, romantic, funny, practical but most of all it made me wanna quit my job and get on the first plane to Patagonia.. That’s where I’d start my once in a life time adventure… Thank you for daring to travelive!


  9. Traveliving is a word most contemporary adventurers have probably never heard. In fact, I had never heard it until Nikos Dimitriou reached out to me, asking me to look over his “romantic and practical guide” so titled. Once I had completed his book, not only had the term stuck but his reasons for putting the book together also sparked an intrigue many of us share as vehicle-based adventurers.

    Traveliving is not so much a story of “traveling” as it is a resource for guiding those who are searching for reason from the mundane and who feel compelled to leave the comforts of daily life for a life fully lived while on the road. For Dimitriou, this meant breaking free from a career in Logistics and Operations Management in 2012 and hitting the road with his life partner, Georgia, on a quest to experience as much of the world as possible. His book provides real-life experience and guidance on considerations to make when choosing to live a life on the road; however, it’s done in a way that’s charming and educational without going into so much detail that it becomes overwhelming.

    Dimitriou, who is Greek by birth, has now spent the past six years seeing the world, having traveled through 45 countries at the time of publication, guided by the following traveliving manifesto: “Live to Travel, not Travel to Live.” His perspectives are down to earth and whether you plan to leave your job and travel the world over or, like many of us, enjoy the freedom of several days in the backcountry, I’m confident you’ll not only enjoy Traveliving but may learn a thing or two about what makes vehicle-based adventure a worthwhile endeavor.

    Visit to order your copy of Traveliving and to follow Nikos’ adventure.

    Frank Ledwell – OutdoorX4 Magazine (Issue 28)

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