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Obviously, travelling for so long means that we can afford it. Working locally (either paid job or work in exchange of food & accommodation) is our best not only for supporting financially our trip around the world but also meeting new people & cultures, experience the hospitality, learn new things and live like locals. Apart from farming, dog grooming, river rafting and charity, we most enjoy spending time in tourism facilities and businesses. After almost 5 years on the road, we are at least fortunate to having spent time on premium lodges and pristine locations that neither we could afford nor we would have the chance to go.

We are not financially affiliated with the businesses or the owners and we do not get anything out of this. The only reason for such a listing is the fact that we can personally guarantee that all the hosts can provide the guest with excellent services and incredible hospitality in mind-blowing locations and top premises. Besides that, this is the least we can do for all the great time we had as well as the love, sympathy & kindness we experienced from everybody there.

Needless to say  that everybody will be more than happy to hear that you know (or you have heard of) Nikos & Georgia and you decided to follow our recommendations.

Enjoy responsibly and do not forget to pass our greetings & love to everybody when you meet them 😉


Price range per night for 2 people

$: Under 50 EUR/ USD

$$: Between 50-150 EUR/ USD

$$$: Over 500 EUR/ USD


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