TRAVELIVING (Hardcopy & eBook)




TRAVELIVING is a book that comes after non-stop overland travelling for 7 years, 130.000+ kms and 50 countries in Europe, Africa & the Americas.

320 pages of travel wisdom, insight, real travel stories, fears, hacks and tips on how to survive on the road.

TRAVELIVING summarizes all the aspects of how to shape your dream of travelling around the world, find the courage to quit everything, get meticulously prepared for such an adventure as well as survive on the road emotionally & financially.

TRAVELIVING is available as a hardcopy & eBook. 

For every paperback purchase, you get FOR FREE the electronic version. (The only difference between the two, is that eBook contains 80% travel photos more.)

eBook is available as an EPUB & PDF. It is a printable file, suitable for PC, Mac, tablets, smartphones & Kindle.