The Traveliving Series: 1 Gaitán (Colombia)

While in Colombia & after talking shit with some fellow travellers, we came up with the idea to make a hand-made frisbee. Georgia loves crochet and after 3 hours we had our first prototype. Acrylic wool is dirty cheap in Colombia and after a week, stock was ready. Our first attempt to present & sell

The Traveliving Series: Kasetophono

Road trip means music. Good music. PERIOD! Κασετόφωνο or Kasetophono is a type of tape machine for playing and recording audio compact cassettes. (source: Wikipedia) is something “bigger” than a regular tape machine and the last five years it has transformed massively the way we travelive. The curator of this Greek music website has

The Traveliving Series: The Social Media Phrenitis

You are about to live the dream of starting travelling around the world. You picked up your favourite vehicle, you set it up, you purchased all your necessary equipment, you shopped your travel insurance, you issued all the necessary paperwork (passports, driving licence, etc.), you planned your itinerary according to the weather patterns and local