Evia Private Tours & The Greek Taxi (or What Nikos & Georgia do today)

nikos & georgia

Nikos & Georgia landed back in Greece in February 2019. Officially, the last country of the Pin Project was Argentina. Georgia was pregnant to Phoebus. Two years later, Alice joined the team.

Today, 5 years after settling back in their homeland, they run a few tourism and hospitality small businesses.

Evia Private Tours along with The Greek Taxi are two travel agencies that go beyond typical sightseeing tours. They tell the story of Evia through handcrafted cultural experiences that highlight the intricacies and uniqueness of Evia’s small towns and big cities. They create immersive experiences ranging from a modest fig farm in Kymi to the never-ending energy of Chalkida’s phenomenal and precise currents. 

The last 3 years, they set out to change the way the island is explored. Evia Private Tours was created with the dream that this Evia, in all of its glory, would eventually become a travel destination drawing people from around the world.  With little more than a dream and vision, their companies were built on a foundation of unwavering quality, exceptional service and unmatched creativity and has since been elevated to one of the leading shore excursion providers in the island.

Today, Evia Private Tours & The Greek Taxi are a successful fast growing businesses offering tailor made trips, retreats, private transfers, airport shuttles, cooking classes and vacation packages in Evia and beyond. Never accepting the status quo, they continue to push the envelope and catapult Evia’s tourism travel industry onto the global stage. 

Like never before, their homeland can be experienced with cultural shore excursions showcasing the uniqueness and charm of small towns and roads less traveled along the banks of island’s waterways and beyond.

Follow their new adventures and business endeavours and share happiness.

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