Napay Travel App: Don’t go travel without getting this smartphone application

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Napay Travel is a start-up project that has been created from three young people in Arequipa, Perú. Angel, Eduardo & Jean Phillip have designed a travel application for smartphones that aims to be the ultimate travel app for all travellers in Peru and much further in the future.

The guys have a diverse education background & working experience as well as a vision to create an informative application that will enrich the travel experience.

Overlanders are part of the project in two ways. Either by contributing with their knowledge, experiences & feedback in order to enhance the application or by just using it and provide the founders with reviews & insight. The founders have also initiated some great incentives & benefits for the people who will support the development & expansion of the application by inputting their invaluable feedback & worth-to-visit spots (and much more).

They are very careful with their business & personal values since they are aiming to create an application with added-value. So, offering a creative application in a well-bonded community of travellers & tourism businesses with a great sense of humour and positive thinking in which they will be committed, is what they consider most important. 

More details & information about Napay Travel can be found in their website: Questions, inquiries & contributions can be send at their email:

So, the guys are just about ready to launch their crowdfunding campaign in order to promote & fund their project as well as create some awareness about their innovative travel app.

We, The Pin Project, are really proud & honoured to work as the advisors & overland consultants of this project & we are aiming to have a great collaboration with the guys for the sake of the great overlanders community.

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