Napay Travel start-up is just about ready to launch their prototype and start pushing valuable travel content to the overlanders community. Their crowdfunding campaign is about to finish in 6 days from today (or on the 14th of March) and they have already accumulated the 71% of their targeted final goal. That was fast!

For those who don’t remember, Napay Travel is a start-up project that has been created from three young people in Arequipa, Perú. Angel, Eduardo & Jean Phillip have designed a travel application for smartphones that aims to be the ultimate travel app for all travellers in Peru and much further in the future.

We, as the Pin Project, work quietly in the background in order to provide the Napay Travel community with assistance & guidance on overlanding stuff such as international marine shipping, storage, paperwork and border crossings, trade of overland vehicles, etc, based on our prior experience & travel wisdom.

Finally, in order to support the crowdfunding campaign as well as enrich the project with credibility & reliability, we have created a Special Napay Travel Edition of 69 FAQ Before Going Overland. The cover is dedicated to Peru. Plus there is one more question that explains very briefly what is Napay Travel, their values and their final goals.

Feel free to follow the links below. Download your FREE Copy & support the guys by contributing to their crowdfunding campaign.


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