What we love when talking about our trips is talking about others. Its so vain to talk about yourself all the time.. People get bored, don’t they?

Akis Temperidis is a professional photographer & journalist who specializes in car industry but what makes Akis an exceptional friend is his passion about travel adventures around the world.

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 19.46.52Akis along with his wife Vula Netou did a RTW trip in 3,5 years from 2007 to 2010 in a Land Rover Discovery and they are the first Greek overlanders to accomplish such a mission under the name TheWorldOffRoad. To be really honest, we didn’t follow their stories when they were travelling. We knew though that a Greek couple wanders around the world and we first got in contact after they finished their trip and settled down in the jungle of Tanzania.

They provided us with a bunch of useful information, advice and local insight that only a world traveller knows and since then we are in contact.

When the Pin Project started in April 2012, Vula was about to deliver their first daughter. Today, Anastasia is 6 years old (same age with the Pin Project) and the guys are setting off AGAIN. What an inspiration to see them travelling again, this time with their daughter on board!!!

Courage, strength, inspiration, charm, self-confidence are some of the values that this brilliant couple carries deep inside and made them an invaluable source of motivation when we were getting prepared for our RTW trip.

Last thing, Akis wrote a foreword for TRAVELIVING and we are so blessed for having such an awesome contribution & support for our book.


IMG_2802“In his own prologue, Nikos will “serve” you an array of reasons in an attempt to convince you not reading his book. This is peculiar for a writer in his first work but showcases the overall philosophy of the guy, which is visible -even tangible- in every single page of this book.

What I realised while reading this “Romantic & Practical Guide” is that Nikos doesn’t want to buy our praise, he doesn’t write for our applause. He hates selling himself for money, glory or social following and he doesn’t even feel comfortable with the idea of selling a self-made book to support his ongoing lifestyle – Traveliving. A term that is probably introduced by this book for a first time and describes it all.

Writing books to make a traveliving is a great and decent idea, by the way. And this one is accomplished remarkably well for a young traveller who is not -and not intended to be- a professional writer.

I will not try to convince you buying this book, providing all the good reasons, followed by exclamation marks. It would be considered like a payback for accepting the honor to forward it. So, no advertisement for Nikos’ work, just a few words to describe my feelings while reading this. Plus, the taste in my mouth after I finished it.”

Read more in our book.

You can learn more about Akis adventures at: www.temperidis.com, www.theworldoffroad.com & https://www.facebook.com/theworldoffroad.



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