Dear all,

We just received some complaints regarding the FREE copies of Amazon Kindle eBook that some of you downloaded through our Amazon Giveaway Promotion that we started last Monday.

According to some readers, the file is so terrible -mainly because of text overlap- that it is nearly impossible to be read. You have our sincere apologies. However, the worst part is that we can do nothing to fix it.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), the impossible-to-be-read files are only limited to e-ink/ paperwhite Kindle devices. Fire tablets work perfect.

For those who are not aware, despite the fact that the market of eBooks is ruled by .epub and .pdf files (which we offer through our website and also through Apple iBooks Store), Amazon forces everybody to use .mobi files which is just another format for its own eBook readers/ tablets only (Kindle, Fire etc.). Amazon officially offers all the tools for the conversion of .epub to .mobi files, however the conversion sometimes sucks.

When we did the conversion, we only checked the preview on Fire devices which was perfect. We did the mistake to assume that the same file will be perfect in all Amazon devices but we were wrong.

We have already communicated with Amazon but we have low to zero expectations just because Amazon is Amazon.

Luckily, the people who are affected, got their eBook for free, so we are not in the difficult position to issue refunds. If you own a e-ink/paperwhite Kindle device and still want to get our eBook, we are afraid that you have to buy the .pdf file through our website.

We apologize again for any inconvenience.

Assuming that anybody who decided to download our eBook -even for FREE- wants to actually go through it, learn about The Pin Project and read about what traveliving means and simply because we value your opinion and your feedback, we would like to offer a 20% discount (or 7.20 EUR) for all the people who own a non-compatible Amazon device (e-ink/ paperwhite) and will buy the eBook through our website. Please send us pictures of the corrupted files and we will gladly give you the discount.

While making the payment, please make a note: AMAZONKINDLEPAPERWHITE.

Thank you all.




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