We firmly believe that cycling is the most romantic way to explore the world. Yes, we know! It’s exhausting, strenuous and requires great strength, determination and preparation but all these do not make it difficult but rather challenging.

Spin the Wheel is a Greek initiative to cycle in Malawi & Tanzania (about 800 kms) in order to raise funds and provide 4.500 kids in 15 schools with stationary, notebooks and sports equipment.

We did the same in our African endeavors but we carried everything in our little Suzuki (or shipped the stuff before departure). The guys took the hard way and went for the arduous but romantic way. We can only take our hat off and share their story with a great sense of respect and admiration!

The project is on its 18th day and the guys hold strong. Follow their trip through social media and be part of it, support them financially, become a sponsor or even share their adventures (this is how social media work, right?) and spread the word.

From the bottom of our heart, we wish you Buena suerte* & Safari njema**!

Follow the trip here:



*: Good luck in Spanish
**: Safe travels in KiSwahili


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