This article was written while trying to promote our Crowdfunding campaign in order to convince more people to pre-order our book.


First of all, TRAVELIVING has not been created to support our travels and we do not count on the revenues from it. It is a travel resource, it is an on-the-road tool, it is a box full of memories, advice, information & experiences BUT it is not a way to generate income while travelling.

Everything started and finished on the road (writing, editing, designing, publishing etc) and we couldn’t support better our current lifestyle and the decision we took 5 years ago to leave our comfort zone and start roaming free.

The Pin Project & the concept of TRAVELIVING is NOT another travel project or long vacations. We are not seasonal travellers, we are not freeloaders, we don’t fly home when we feel homesick, we do not have sponsors, supporters or social media accounts, we pay for everything we owe or use and the last 2,5 years, we survive on 500 euro per month.

The Pin Project is a dream that was born in September 2011 & took shape in April 2012; the dream of a life change.

We chose to change our lifestyle & start travelling. The concept of traveliving evolved a bit later only to give purpose and meaning to our travels. To give purpose and meaning to our dream.

So, do you have dreams? Do you believe in change? Are you dreaming a life change?


  • You rather embrace a life change that started as a dream and eventually became a wonderful reality, an amazing adventure, an unforgettable experience.
  • You are engaged to an innovative project that has been created by ordinary people to simply add value. No connections, no donations, no drama, no dragons. Real life stories for recreation ONLY.
  • Eventually, you become part of a wide community that strives for change by sharing & exchanging resources.

Everybody has the right for a change & actually lots of people have made it. However, all these success stories that make up a great resource are barely shared or published!

By launching our book, we are actually documenting this change & want to share it with everybody.

If you are dreaming a life change, then this is a good reason to grab a copy today.


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