We are so proud to make such a post and the reason is more than obvious.

The first Travel Festival will take place in Greece next April with lots of inspirational Greek travellers, Greek stories from all around the globe, Greek travel products, Greek travel companies & Greek mentality.

For those who don’t know, the mentality of Greek travellers is something unique, inexplicable, weird! Our funny English accent that always gives a clue of our origins to the people we meet; our cooking skills, taste magnitude & rich food culture that make us compare literally every dish we try with the Greek cuisine; our anal approach on cleanliness; and of course our national word*: the first (or maybe second) thing we teach to our new friends-travel buddies even though we have 3.000 years of history, culture & literature!

We wish & hope that TravelFest will be a great event for the speakers, the people that will attend the event as well as the companies that will take part. For the Greeks that travel, dream to travel, want to travel. For all of those who want to see the world, love travelling & adventure.

Being on the road for so long and experiencing so many cultures and countries, we have to say that things like nationality, borders, races, tribes and passports as well as number of countries, kilometers, days on the road etc. are so vain -even meaningless- to be distinguished, presented or even explained.

All travellers are citizens of the world. Being a Greek or Afghan or American or Polish or Tanzanian does not make you any different.

In this sense, it does not matter that TravelFest takes place in Greece. Most important is for more & more people to start exploring this world. So, this festival comes to provide everybody with another seed or some food for thought as well as the tools to achieve it. For us, this is the reason to attend such an event although we won’t be there ;-(

TravelFest people use 2 words to describe this festival: Inspiration & Networking. This is what travelling means & how everything starts for those who are dreaming.

Good luck, have a great organization and wish you all the best!


*: All people who visit Greece or have a Greek friend have spelled the word ma-la-ka at least once!


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