placeitOn the 19th of April, 2017, we proudly published our first book as an eBook and 37 people have already ordered it since then.

Now, we need one more push to print it & publish it as a hardcopy. For this reason, we have created a crowdfunding campaign in Indiegogo.


Crowdfunding is a popular practice not only to fund a creative project but also to purchase some exceptional stuff simply by contributing and pre-ordering the final product.

placeitWhat makes traveliving | a romantic & practical guide exceptional is the fact that it is the first self-published book of its kind that has been created on the road by actual travellers. It is a reading full of real life stories, secrets, fears, doubts and lots of practicalities about all you need to know before, during and even after a long-time trip around the world.

Please visit our campaign in Indiegogo platform, have a look, contribute -if you feel like- and spread the word!

While traveliving non-stop the last 5 years, we have NO Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & other social media platforms to promote, advertise, or share our trip.

With full consciousness, we have decided to stay away of the social media buzz knowing that it severely limits our exposure. Instead, we try to spread the word by utilizing more traditional -even old school or paleolithic- methods of communication like sharing it in travel forums, sending newsletters to friends & followers etc. Why? Because we are romantic & we think different.

However, we much appreciate the strength of social media as a business tool in modern economy and we would like to encourage you to share the Pin Project campaign in every possible way.

More specifically:

  • Email this campaign to fellow travellers and romantic people you may know who are dreaming to travel around the world
  • Share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & other social platforms
  • Subscribe in our regular Traveliving Series & Collections Newsletter
  • Just say Hello! We want to hear your thoughts, really! Drop us an email, leave a comment, create some buzz 😉
  • Share, share, share (please share)!



Thank you all for being part of our trip 😉

Best Regards

Nikos & Georgia



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