The Traveliving Series: How to find an exceptional work exchange or paid job (and skip the fees of the platforms)

Fact No1: Traveliving is exciting, fun & an interesting way to live. However, it can get frustrating, tiring, boring and highly demanding on several resources. Fact No2: You cannot only travel. It is impossible to travel for a long time without doing anything. No matter how much money and time you have available, it is

The Traveliving Series: The Check-Ins

Traveliving means freedom. But also means connection & interaction with the locals. Say buenos dias* or habari za asubuhi** in the gas station or at the reception of your hotel, most of the times is not enough and as a traveller, you have the chance to build a proper relationship with the locals every single day.

The Traveliving Series: @access.o (Brasil)

“What are you doing today? I’m sure you’re busy. There’s work, gym, me time, family time, networking, hobbies, happy hour and don’t forget those 8 hours sleep. All of those are squeezed between some good hours in traffic getting in and out. But, wait. Aren’t you missing something? You are. Each choice you make is