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Photo credit: Caio Fernandes

“What are you doing today? I’m sure you’re busy.
There’s work, gym, me time, family time, networking, hobbies, happy hour and don’t forget those 8 hours sleep. All of those are squeezed between some good hours in traffic getting in and out. But, wait. Aren’t you missing something?
You are. Each choice you make is also an abnegation.
The question is: what are you willing to give up?
Would you trade your paycheck for time with family?
Would you give up your stuff for freedom?
Would you pause your Netflix to enjoy the sky?”




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Photo credit: Caio Fernandes

Access.o is Caio & Mariana, a young couple from Brazil who quit their jobs in the marketing industry in São Paulo, Brazil, booked an one-way ticket to Ecuador and started travelling.

We met the guys at Lullu Llama Hostel, a mountain lodge in the Ecuadorian Andes where we do another exceptional work exchange.

Apart from their savings that eventually will run out, Caio creates income from trading his photos & Mariana keep herself busy with video editing & writing. Don’t be confused with the digital nomad mainstream though. Caio & Mariana believe to freedom vs comfort zone exchange and you have to check their articles on Medium to see what made them quit their jobs and start wandering around in South America.

To some people, the traveliving concept sounds naive or even impossible to be achieved or experienced. Some others may think that we are just lazy young Millennials, we survive on our parents money and we just prefer travelling to working. Every time we meet young people with the similar mindset, we simply realize that we are not alone.

You can follow Caio’s & Mariana’s adventures at:



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